Yamaha XT Scrambler

This Yamaha XT Scrambler has been chosen among the 10 best scrambler bikes of 2021 in Bikebound Magazine. Lord Drake Kustoms’ 马拉加(西班牙)摩托车改造mg游戏官网点此进入 has customized this XT 600 that has placed in the TOP 10.

Modifying a motorcycle to turn it into a scrambler 几年来一直很常见,和往常一样 LDK 新mg官网电子游戏在……方面适应新的时尚或趋势 motorcycle customization新mg官网电子游戏甚至试图在每一场比赛中脱颖而出.

Proof of this is this Yamaha XT 600, which arrived at our custom motorcycle workshop (在糟糕的条件下)从一个想要这样做的客户那里 restore and transform the motorcycle into something different.

Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms),当时就很清楚……摩托车必须是 transformed into a scrambler; Although this Yamaha does not belong to the group of typical 高性能摩托车或高性能自行车 (Harley, Triumph, BMW, etc.) that we usually make in our 马拉加的摩托车改造mg游戏官网点此进入.

And the result was this nice scrambler bike that in January 2022 has been selected among the 10 best scrambler bikes of 2021 in Bikebound Magazine.The choice has been made according to the highest number of interactions, likes, etc; that custom bikes 在不同的社交网络上有什么不同 motorcycle transformations magazine by their followers.


So, really, the followers of Bikebound magazine 全世界,都在负责安置新mg官网电子游戏 Yamaha XT Scrambler in the TOP 10 从几百本杂志中挑选出来的 custom motorcycles published throughout 2021 worldwide.

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